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RDP VPS - x2go

x2go install

Execute the command on your server to install x2go - Debian 7 ONLY

wget --no-check-certificate; chmod 700 x2goinstall; ./x2goinstall

Download the x2go client from here -

Once installed, start the client

Create a new session (1) On the session page, setup the IP address and username (2) as well as the session type "XFCE" (3)

On the session page change the Method to "16m-png-jpeg" and the Image quality to "7" for the best performance.

On the settings page enable sound support and ensure that it is set to "PulseAudio". Disable client side printing due to a bug in printing support.

Press OK to save.

Now your connection will show up in the client, click within the green area to bring up the connection dialog

Enter your password that was given to you from the setup script and login.

Once you connect, you will see your desktop. Click "Use default config"

In the application menu you can find various applications, the web browser "midori" is ready to go
Keep in mind, with x2go you can resize the window on the fly.

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